First NameLast NameE-mailCastArrival DateDeparture DateAdditional Informations
MaryMcCulloughmarytmccullough@gmail.comB90, A91, A92, D9206.06.201810.06.2018hi all - there are a group of Irish alumni booking an appartment and we will have additional space. Please contact me ASAP as we plan to book by May 1st and will book a larger appartment if you need to share! One of us arrives early on 6th and we plan to leav on 10th but can extend booking if you wish to stay longer. Please contact me ASAP. Many thanks
Charlotte Uhler charlotte.uhler@gmail.com87C08.06.201810.06.2018I travel with my two children son 14 and daughter 10 years old. We would like to stay at a the hotel where most people stay. The code got lost in the spamfilter ... so I found it when the hotels where fully booked. If anyone needs to cancel your room my kids and I would be happy to take a 2 3 or 4 bedroom. Easier for us to stay where most people are for us. Please mail / Thank you.
MarkettaNummijärvimarketta.nummijarvi@kauhajoki.fiE9208.06.201810.06.2018Sharing a crash pad room with females is totally OK.